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How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle at the Same Time

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Most of the weight loss programs are meant for dropping pounds of the people. They make you slim in a stipulated time period depending upon the program and the dieters, how they follow it. Technically speaking, most of the weight loss programs are meant for weight loss. But there are some groups of people who not only long for weight loss but also indulge in body building at the same time. For such programs to take place, there has to be a proper diet and rigorous workout.

In order to concentrate on body building while dropping the pounds, you have to put more stress on workouts. A good physical training along with good foods result in shaping your body and building muscles the way you want them to. A number of individuals want to acquire muscles along with a slim body, and believe us it is not a rocket science job, it is pretty simple but requires a lot of effort from your side. It is not only men who aim for body building, but women too.

Concept of Body Building

In order to acquire attractive muscles, you first need to understand the basic principles of this training. You also need to know how the muscles are built and fats are burnt simultaneously. Many of you might be thinking that how on earth is it possible to lose extra flab from the body and at the same time build muscles. It is possible to do so with a combination of some good foods and exercises.

Your body quickly respond to the foods consumed by you. You have to be very particular about the food consumed and physical exercises. You need to convert foods into muscles. To do this, you have to take the advantage of nutrients and convert them into muscles through exact exercises. This means that you neither have to overdo or under do it. The timings play crucial role in this. In this training, you have to make use of your body's hormonal state. It keeps on changing with a particular diet, exercise or particular physical activity.

The protein from the food needs to be converted into muscles with the help of the hormonal state. Therefore, for some hours you need to eat excessive amount of foods while at some point of the day you will eat less for burning the fats. Most importantly, you need to concentrate on the exercises and weight lifting training to build muscles. Follow five step to lose weight easily.

Training for Cardio Exercise

It is considered to be an important exercise for building muscles. You need to practice both slow motion and fast paced cardio exercises. For instance, start with a light jogging for 5 minutes, then warm up for 20 seconds and again start with jogging. Complete a set of 10 of this training. For long duration cardio, 45 minutes of running on treadmill will be considered effective. Cardio must be carried out thrice or six times in a week.

Weight  Loss Training

In this exercise, timing is very important as discussed earlier. Late afternoon or early evening is the best time for doing this exercise. In order to make it successful, your lunch must be comprising of low calorie foods. The timing is set in this way because this requires at least 6 hours gap before going for sleep. Weight training must be done thrice in a week on alternate days. With the help of good nutrition, cardios and weight training, you would be able to lose the body fat and build muscles simultaneously when coordinated with proper timings.  

Five Steps for Weight Loss Success

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For fitness freak, it does not cost much to put extra effort in exercising or fitness training program. They love doing it and always think about making necessary changes in their program. But what about the people who are just opposite to them and just always find an excuse for running away from any fitness routine or so? If you are one of them reading this blog, then you are at the right place to find a solution for losing weight. We are addressing those people who are obsessed with overweight problem and looking for effective remedy for solving this major health problem. We bring some of the most important steps for those people who are helpless with overweight and have failed in every approach for weight loss. The following five most effective weight loss steps revealed in this page will definitely work for you to lose weight.

1. Plan Ahead

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Planning is very important in order to make any program successful that would work in your favor. In an important program such as weight loss, you have to make planning in the form of diet and exercise routine for each day. A person who moves with a particular plan in his/her hand will find it very easy to achieve his/her goal. Moreover, it gives the users a clear cut idea for what they want. For instance, when you plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner a day in advance, you would be able to calculate the calorie consumption for the whole day instead of planning on the same day. So, accordingly, you will plan your fitness program to burn a specific amount of calorie. In this way, in a very short period of time, you reach your goal.

2. Indulge in Good Habits 

It is important to incorporate good habits in your life while you are following a weight loss program. It should become a part of your lifestyle. You must read good books on weight loss and look up for motivational quotes so that they keep you going. You can build some healthy habits such as if you are finding it very difficult to curb your sweet buds, have any fresh fruit. Make it a habit.

3. Pen Down What You Eat 

The day you have started the weight loss program, build a habit of constantly writing down the food items you eat in a day. At the end of the day, go through it once. It will give you an estimate figure of what you have eaten throughout the day. With the help of the listed item, you can calculate the calories consumed by you in a day. Using that figure, you can cut off the intake to the extent you want it to.

4. Have a Buddy 

Sharing your plan with your friends and family members would be a fun. Telling about the weight loss program will give you motivation to continue it further. When you share it with them, they could give you some suggestions to make it better and you never know when the small little suggestions given by them could be effective for you.

5. Positive Thinking 

It is very important to have a positive approach towards a particular program. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to drop the pounds and in such case you must have a positive outlook towards life so that it is visible in the efforts made by you. Positive thinking gives positive results.
These five simple steps will act as a strong base for making your program successful.

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