Monday, July 1, 2013

Stages of Cancer

If people are diagnosed with cancer then they have to undergo many tests under a doctor's advice. Based on the report and how far the cancer has grown in the body can be found and then treatment can be given accordingly. Staging and grading of the cancer will permit the doctor’s to.
  • Work out how big the cancer is
  • Whether it is moving to other parts or not
  • The best treatment choices for people affected by cancer.
Grades in Cancer
If the people have been diagnosed with cancer then the cancer may be of certain grades. The grade of cancer mainly depends on what the cells look like under the microscope. In general when the growth of cells is slow the chances of cancer are also slowing while higher grade indicates the growth of cancer is on the fast lane.

Here is the list of grades in cancer detection
  • Grade 1 .Cancer cells that are similar to normal cells and are not growing at a quicker pace. 
  • Grade 2 .Cancer cells that have features between grade 1 and 3. They don’t look like normal cells and are growing in a faster way than normal cells.
  • Grade3. Cancer cells that look unusual and may grow or move in a faster way than normal
Stages of Cancer
The stages of cancer describe the size of tumor and how much it has moved from where it started. Below mentioned are examples of staging in cancer that the clinic or doctor may use.
  • Stage 0.  Where the cancer is starting to grow in the body and not moving
  • Stage 1. The growth of the tumor is less than 2 cm and it is not spreading
  • Stage2. If the tumor is between 2cm and 5cm with or without Lymph node of involvement (.Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system) and it is not moving.
  • Stage 3. If the tumor is more than 5cm or of any size but fixed with any chest wall, muscle or skin or has moved to lymph nodes above the collarbone
  • Stage 4. If the tumor is of any size and it may affect the lymph nodes first and it will move to other parts of the body.
These are the different stages and grades in cancer and one can get treatment on the stage and grade and it is depending upon the doctor and the person who is affected by cancer. If the person has mental strength then his chances of living for more years is guaranteed.