Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Causes Cancer?

Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes and in this we can learn more about the reasons for cancer from attacking and its factors. There are several factors due to which we can get cancer and it includes genetic factors, lifestyle changes such as the use of tobacco, cigarette, diet, not doing any physical activity, certain types of infections, and environmental exposures to various types of chemicals and radiation.

Genetics and Cancer

There will be some types of cancer that attacks a member in the family but it is found that most cancers in the family are not inherited from their parents.

Tobacco and Cancer

The use of tobacco among men in various forms is a factor to the causes of cancer. Tobacco is filled with cigar, cigarette and smokeless tobacco. If smoking is more than there is a possibility that one can get cancer and pass it on to family members. The chewing of tobacco may affect all age groups of peoples.

Diet and Physical activity

Due to changes I lifestyle and the way of living anyone can get cancer. With low nutrition food taken, changes in pattern of taking foods, eating every time and wherever. With the movement restricted to computers and machines with no work done by physical activity it is easy for cancer from attacking the people. When there is no physical activity and the body weight will increase resulting in cancer and the consumption of alcohol can also be a factor.  

Sun and UV exposure

When the person is exposed to the sun and UV anyone can get cancer. There is a link between the sun ray’s and cancer. We have to protect the family from getting skin cancer and how to spot skin changes that may require doctor’s attention.

Radiation exposure and cancer risk

There are many different types of radiation exposure and how people are affected by it. The cancer can happen due to use of X-rays, Gamma rays. The emission of radiation can cause cancer. When people affected with cancer getting treatment for it such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy may increase the chances of a person getting a second cancer of different type. With the use of cell phones on the rise the waves emitted from radio frequency in cell phones can cause cancer and also from cell phone towers.

Other Carcinogens

Due to changes in environmental circumstances the people can get cancer from the situation in homework, in pollution, and when they undergo medical tests, and infections can cause cancer.