Thursday, January 6, 2011

List of Venereal Diseases & Symptoms

Venereal disease

Venereal disease can be anything from genital warts to herpes and is also commonly known as VD (venereal disease), STD (sexually transmitted disease), and also STI (sexually transmitted infection).

Venereal disease:- A disease that is contracted and transmitted by sexual contact, caused by microorganisms that survive on the skin or mucus membranes, or that are transmitted via semen, vaginal secretions, or blood during intercourse.

Venereal Disease Symptoms

Discharge: Unusual discharge from penis or vagina is the most easily detectable symptom of venereal disease.
Pain: Pain due to a venereal disease can be manifested in a number of ways.
Sores or Rashes on Skin: Although genitals is the most common place where skin breaks into rashes, this STD symptom in men and women can affect other parts of the body as well.
Fever: Fever is something that occurs in a number of diseases and infections.

List of Venereal disease

Genital warts
yeast infections
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